Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg posted notification on his personal page on his highly censored platform on April 1, 2020, encouraging users to place a ring around their profile photo with the words “I’ve been vaccinated” to prove they’re a “good citizen” rather than a “bad citizen.”

Mark Zuckerberg posted on his Facebook page saying,

“If we’re going to stop Covid, we need everyone who’s eligible to get vaccinated. People are more likely to get vaccinated if they see friends, family and people they trust doing it too. So we’re launching new Covid vaccine profile frame that you can add to your profile pic, partnering with the CDC and US Department of Health and HUman SErvices to launch new Covid vaccine profile frames. It lets you easily show your support and tell people that you’ve been vaccinated. And we’ll show you in News Feed your friends who have put up this profile frame.

I’ll update mine after I get vaccinated, which I plan to do so as soon as I’m eligible. I hope everyone else does the same!”

From Blue State Conservative guest post, by Charles “Sam” Faddis a guest author from AND Magazine, may help Facebook users to understand why users, including like 100 Percent FedUp, have been accused of publishing “fake” or “misleading” news over daring to share information about the dangers of taking the COVID shot.

Do you think Mark Zuckerberg’s massive investment in RNA vaccine development has anything to do with Facebook’s vaccination information censorship?

Some video shot outside of a hospital in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, was posted on a personal Facebook page. Protesters were shown in the film objecting to the hospital’s decision to mandate all employees to get COVID-19 vaccines. The vaccinations being promoted, according to a speaker in the video, never completed the full spectrum of FDA testing and were only made available under emergency use authorizations (EAUs). This is all undeniably, factually correct.

Facebook took down the video within hours, claiming that it had broken their “community standards” by spreading “disinformation” regarding vaccines.

Why was Facebook so concerned about this issue? Was it simply a case of an overarching desire to enforce groupthink and conformity, or was there something else at work? So the research began.

Facebook is owned by Mark Zuckerberg. He is also the owner of a number of other businesses. The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative is one of them. Priscilla Chan is the name of Zuckerberg’s wife. On 2016, when Zuckerberg and Chan established the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, they pledged to invest $3 billion in “curing disease.”

Typically describe the Chan Zuckerberg, as a philanthropic initiative. As if it was a non-profit. The Initiative is a limited liability company (LLC) that is solely owned by Zuckerberg and Chan. Chan and Zuckerberg can invest in both non-profit and for-profit organizations because of the LLC structure.

In a whole host of ventures, the Initiative is involved. One of them is something called the BioHub. It was founded with a $600 million initial investment from Chan and Zuckerberg. It is situated in California, near to the San Francisco Mission Bay campus of the University of California.

Its personnel, the direction it is taking show that it is focused intensely on vaccine development, more specifically on RNA vaccine development meaning exactly the kind of vaccines currently being marketed for use against COVID-19.

Vaccine development operations have their own area on BioHub. Peter Kim, the former head of Merck Research, has been named to lead that division. Merck is, without a doubt, one of the largest pharmaceutical corporations in the world.

Don Ganem, a virologist and head of infectious disease research at Novartis, is one of the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative’s major advisors. COVID-19 vaccines are now manufactured by Novartis, which is one of the largest manufacturers in the world. Even as he takes on his new role with BioHub, Ganem appears to be keeping his job at Novartis.

A brief glance at BioHub’s website reveals the implications of these personnel changes. BioHub is devoted to viral research and vaccine development.

“As the COVID-19 pandemic has shown, infectious diseases and emerging new viruses remain a major threat to human health. Our goals are to understand virus-host interactions as a guide to developing antiviral therapeutics, to develop vaccines that can prevent infection, to preemptively identify emerging viruses, and to disseminate the technologies needed to diagnose and discover the source of microbial infections in the developing world.

“These efforts are anchored by the pioneering work of CZ Biohub co-president Joe DeRisi in microbial genomes and genomic diagnostics, and by Senior Investigator Peter Kim, whose lab is developing new strategies to enable vaccine creation.”

A viral disease is Chikungunya is and there is currently no vaccine or specific drug against the virus.

BioHub’s website has additional information available that RNA viruses are the primary focus of their activities. COVID-19 and other coronaviruses are examples of this type of virus.

Zuckerberg and his wife are now in the business of producing and marketing vaccinations, with a special emphasis on vaccines that are used to combat viruses like COVID-19. They have already invested a massive amount of money in this effort. Given the expected market for RNA virus vaccines in the future, as COVID mutates and “booster” vaccinations are needed, they could see a billion-dollar return on their investment.

Minions of Zuckerberg will block down any vaccine criticism and do everything they can to eliminate “vaccine hesitancy,” because what they’re really doing is protecting their boss’s investment. Mark stands to lose a lot of money if the world wakes up and starts questioning the need for new vaccines or the approach employed to ensure their safety.

This cannot be permitted to occur. The fact-checkers have been summoned. The truth must be buried.

In which Big Tech, Big Pharma, and Big Government have merged, this is the new world we live in, and the average American is supposed to shut up, sit down, and follow orders. We have elected officials, who are meant to prevent this from happening, but those representatives have an insatiable appetite for campaign contributions, and America’s new Robber Barons have plenty of cash to donate.

All independent discussion of their safety or necessity is still suppressed; the immunizations are still being sold. Zuckerberg keeps winning, while you and I keep losing.

Sources: 100PercentFedUp, Czbiohub.org, TheBlueStateConservative, AndMagazine

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