Trump never stops working for the American people.  He is supposed to be on vacation right now, during renovations at the White House, but he is working, even on a Sunday evening.

He tweeted Sunday night:

He’s talking about the unanimous decision by the UN to increase sanctions against North Korea due to their recent missile launches.  And he was on the phone with the President of South Korea, to discuss just that.

Trump also took some time to get the word out about all he has accomplished in his first six months as POTUS, since the media certainly won’t do it:

That’s right:  he’s got a conservation Supreme Court Justice on the bench, unemployment is the lowest it’s been in years, our borders are becoming more secure and we are making significant gains against terrorism and gang violence.  And, yet, all the fake news can talk about is Russia.

I’m so glad we have a leader who takes his job seriously, and is working for the American people night and day.  If you are, too, please get this Shared and comment, “thank you, Mr. President.”

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