We all see how Chuck Todd slammed Biden yesterday, and now this… Dems just had a really bad week. As the saying goes,  “A friend today could be your worst enemy tomorrow.”

Well, the honeymoon is over, it is time for another show and flip sides 360 degrees.

Finally, these woke media outlets understand that they won’t get good ratings if they continue to turn on Kamala and Joe. MSNBC, NBC, and other mainstream media outlets just taste how bad the “real” polls are.

SS Biden Titanic is sinking, the propaganda media outlets know it well and they can no longer cover up Joe’s mess. Well, it’s not about his “44%” approval ratings, since we all know they’re much lower than that.

Honestly, Biden is a huge disappointment for all Americans, and for just a short period of time, we all have seen his capabilities fail.

I’ve never seen a politician flub up and fail worse than Joe Biden that Americans turn on a so-called “president” this quickly, and made a chant, The “F Joe Biden” which is at this point is practically a national pastime.

There is nothing to “celebrate” or be joyful about, from the dubious 2020 election to the COVID/vax failures to the fatal Afghan catastrophe and, of course, the US border.

So who can blame the Americans?

And, since we’re on the subject of the border, for the ungodly catastrophe unfolding at the border, MSNBC is now heaving Kamala Harris under a bus.

What’s going on there is treacherous.

Wasn’t she put in charge of the border? MSNBC just wants to know ‘where’s the VP?’

Well, the spokesperson who was on – I’m guessing to defend Kamala – certainly didn’t do a very good job…the viewers watching that bit, certainly got the feeling that whatever Kamala was doing, isn’t working.

I don’t even think these Dem pundits believe their own ? anymore, do you?

Joe Biden didn’t get 81 million legal votes.

If he did, he wouldn’t have crashed this hard this fast…and the media would know they have a whole massive, and historic “MOVEMENT” they can appeal to, out there.

Also, he’d have had built-in padding that would have kept his numbers relatively good for quite some time…the fact that he fell this hard, this fast, is the surest proof we’ve seen yet that his “historic win” is a bunch of BS.

And Kamala isn’t much farther behind him, popularity-wise…She’s the most invisible so-called “VP” I’ve ever (not) seen…She’s nowhere to be found, she comments on nothing, all you hear every once in a while is that obnoxious cackle, and you’ll see some pictures of her with her mouth wide open, and head flung back in the throws of the biggest belly laugh in history.

What a totally bizarre and completely inept “admin” this sham turned out to be.

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