Liberal America demonstrates a vile moral being as they openly insult Eric Bolling in response to the death of Bolling’s 19-year-old son.

Eric Bolling

Democrats allow their political opinions to bleed into every aspect of life which includes death, and in this case the response given to the death of former Fox News host, Eric Bolling’s son is beyond appalling. America learned of the death of Eric Chase, Bollings son on Saturday and since than liberals have been flooding the comment section with outrageously negative feedback that is completely shameful.

Not liking or agreeing with someone based off of their political opinion is the right of every American, however not everything that happens in life warrants political affiliation. Equating the death of a young American to the faults of a parental figure is disgusting, and the fact that democrats are attributing this death to an act of karma surrounding the father’s political support of President Trump illustrates how truly psychotic members of the Left tend to be.


As we reported Saturday, Eric Chase Bolling, Jr., the 19-year-old son of former Fox News host Eric Bolling, was found dead sometime Friday night. Many expressed condolences for Bolling’s loss, but a number of others used the young man’s death as a vehicle to attack the elder Bolling.

Liberals savaged the comment section at TMZ, calling it “karma” for Bolling’s support of Donald Trump.

Fox News Channel issued the following statement … “We are very saddened to hear of the passing of Eric Bolling’s son. Eric Chase was a wonderful young man and our thoughts and prayers are with the entire Bolling family.”

The report later said: “Well placed FNC sources tell TMZ … Eric Chase died from a drug overdose. We’re told he was having a hard time dealing with the trouble his dad was having at the network. Our sources say he was extremely embarrassed by the stories and was ’emotionally upset.’”

Democrats continue to air the dirty laundry of their opponents without any regard to the emotional devastation felt by the children of the targets at hand. President Bill Clinton is the most infamous adulterer in American history yet liberals don’t feel the need to attack him or his family to the point of child suicide. Regardless of political feelings the death of a child is absolutely devastating and for the liberals in America to cause further torment by suggesting this death is a direct reflection of his father’s support for Trump is despicable and the left should be ashamed.

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