Epstein’s Fixer Just TALKED! Everyone’s Secrets Are OUT!

There is always someone that knows everything. It doesn’t have to be filthy sick stuff like with Jeffrey Epstein, but there’s always someone.

In my family, it was an aunt that lived in the Midwest. If you wanted to know everything that ever happened in the family, all of the drama, it was her. You wanted to know why you didn’t know that a particular member of the family existed until you were in your teens? They were the person to go to.

They are also, the most dangerous because they can shatter everyone’s illusion in the blink of an eye.

If one story were ever to fully come to light, the story of Jeffery Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell, it would shatter the establishment to it’s core.  What the TV and papers have said about Epstein and Maxwell most likely just glosses over and tries to put a ‘good spin’ or limit the damage of the actual truth of the situation.

People make fun of ‘conspiracy theorists’ all the time, it’s the go to line when someone starts asking too many of the right questions, the media slanders them as a ‘conspiracy theorist.’  The biggest conspiracy of them all, that there are some very powerful men and women who partake in sex with minors and even more horrific behavior, is exposed as being more than a theory by Maxwell’s story…

The case of a very wealthy and well connected, high powered political player and his sex life has captured the public’s interest for the better part of 4 years and includes all of the intrigues of a major motion picture or historic novel, including the suspicious death of the main character.

Unfortunately, this case is a brutal story about real lives, real people, and their real failings, on full public display. It is a story about power-seeking monsters, who lack a filter, ones who refuse to self evaluate their own corrupt behavior. It is the story of the pursuit of happiness led by greed, filthy greed. Insatiable lust and greed.

That is why we need to understand the character of the power-seekers. Our system of Government, our Republic, was designed to help those addicts and junkies of greed stay in control and out of the lives of free people. However, those safety barriers have been dismantled by the Marxist left, slowly over a long period of time.

And with a disinterest in voting and laziness about staying vigilant over our civil liberties for the past 5 decades, the left ALMOST had us under complete dominance. Until President Donald J. Trump got to DC and led people in a different direction.

Epstein’s story illustrates to us, in a way people will pay attention to, how Trump did it.