On Friday, the richest man in the world posted a tweet writing some people think that TikTok is disrupting the way of living.

Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk slammed TikTok by asking questions about “destroying civilization,” “Is TikTok destroying civilization? Some people think so,” he tweeted Friday.

He followed that up by saying, “Or perhaps social media in general.”

The billionaire’s tweet came minutes after he responded “hmm…” to a report that Chinese employees at Bytedance, TikTok’s parent company, have repeatedly accessed private data from the platform’s users.

He followed that up by saying, “Or perhaps social media in general.”

Keith Rabois, a technology executive and investor, tweeted that he had warned about TikTok accessing the private data of its U.S. users. His comment came as a quote tweet of a tweet that said ByteDance employees repeatedly accessed private data from American TikTok users.

Here’s what the report from BuzzFeedNews said:

“The risk is that the government could force ByteDance to collect and turn over information as a form of ‘data espionage. There is, however, another concern: that the soft power of the Chinese government could impact how ByteDance executives direct their American counterparts to adjust the levers of TikTok’s powerful ‘For You’ algorithm, which recommends videos to its more than 1 billion users. Sen. Ted Cruz, for instance, has called TikTok ‘a Trojan horse the Chinese Communist Party can use to influence what Americans see, hear, and ultimately think.’”

One TikTok official reportedly said at an internal company meeting that “everything is seen in China,” while a top TikTok official said at a separate meeting that a China-based software engineer had “access to everything.”

On other hand, Musk believes Twitter has the opportunity to become the Western equivalent of China’s WeChat. “You basically live on WeChat in China because it’s so helpful, so useful to daily life,” he said. “I think if we achieve that or come even close to that with Twitter, that would be a success”

Twitter’s monetizable daily active user (mDAU) base grew 15.9% year over year to 229 million, including 39.6 million daily active users in the U.S. Musk said at the all-hands meeting that he is aiming for Twitter to hit “at least a billion” users.

Sources: DailyWire, BuzzFeed News

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