Donald Trump has said time and time again at various rallies and speeches throughout the country since being elected about how the economy has boomed under his control

However, Barack Obama does’t exactly think that Trump is the reason for the economic boom.

Ol Barry must be dipping into his bag of magic beans if he thinks that he is the reason all these good things are happening.

He is no different than someone at Christmas dinner that takes the credit for how good the turkey tastes even though they were never in the kitchen one time.

During a speech this past Tuesday at a Chicago conference on the hokum that is climate change Obama said that HIS efforts to fight climate change were the reasons why we all say the economy growing so consistenly.

He then even mockingly busted out a Thanks Obama.

Well, what he doesn’t realize is that there are a lot of people that know where the bodies are buried so to speak when it comes to who is really responsible fro what.

However, we can all be tahnkful for the fact that there are people that are willing to call private citizen Barry Sotero on his nonsense.

According to The Washington Times, the stock market has gone up well over thirty percent since the 2016 election. So yeah, it was ALL Obama.

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