I have an external drive that I use for watching movies and television shows when I am traveling and don’t have access to my normal movie collection. This thing is a ticking time bomb in terms of cancel culture.

I have all kinds of different shows on this thing and if you had to delete anything on there that offended anyone there would be nothing on there but one smiley face, and that might upset people that are depressed or who cannot physically smile.

Truth be told, cancel culture is going too damn far in some respects. What would usually amount to a conversation in private between talent and the studio has announced into a full-fledged bludgeoning in front of the whole world.

I mean, with the way that so many people get canceled now it’s a shock there isn’t anything on TV but the weather and test patterns.

Disney claims to support female voices. Its multi-billion dollar behemoth, Lucas Film, has a president (Kathleen Kennedy) who sports the feminist branding slogan “The Force is Female” on a consistent basis. But, like most modern feminists, the words are just doublespeak to parasitize a good idea (female rights) with very bad disingenuous ones (globalism, anti-Americanism, critical race theory, etc.).

Disney has so much money and power, they do not care about losing money destroying their own un-woke products because they know China and globalist investors will cover the losses.

We recently reported on the endless allegations of pedophilia, shady, and anti-conservative actions and policies of the hollowed-out unamerican Disney Corporation.  It is beholden to globalism and the CCP for its billion dollar woke productions, which could not otherwise be funded.

We also reported on Disney’s policy of firing strong independent female voices while continuing to employ people who fantasize about throwing Trump supporter’s children into wood chippers.  This includes the petty banning of her action figures as well.  Ever the fighter, Carano did not apologize or take this egregious character and career assassination lying down like every other craven Hollywood elite seems to do.  Instead, she immediately signed a deal with Ben Shapiro’s new film studio to create better products that suit a positive Western perspective of the world.

Artist depiction of Gina Carano punching an allegedly communist mouse

Now, Disney has attempted to extinguish real-life superhero, Gina Carano’s rising star in a wicked act of self-immolation as it bans an episode of its own TV show that featured the multi-year female MMA fighting champion.

Bounding Into Comics Reports:

“Not content to simply remove any trace of her character from Star Wars, it appears that Disney has now decided that they will not air an upcoming episode of the [National Geographic] series Running Wild With Bear Grylls in which actress Gina Carano would have appeared as a guest star.”

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