Berkeley Antifa protesters behaved atrociously during another unruly event they hosted in California over the weekend.

Berkeley Antifa protesters

The American Constitution was created in order to outline rules that allow citizens rights, while also determining what is unacceptable. Freedom of speech and the right to peacefully protest allows unhappy citizens the chance to express their frustrations in a public manner.

Alt-left activist group, Antifa, has little to no regard for the Constitution or the amendments made for such occasions. This despicable group continues to defy the law with violent and criminal behavior during unscheduled protest gatherings and the actions displayed by Berkeley Antifa protesters over the weekend show what kind of thugs Antifa is composed of.

An American veteran was confronted by the masked group and the treatment he received was absolutely appalling, however, this veteran wasn’t going down without a fight.

Via IJR:

It all began when a giant mob armed with sticks, shields, and masks dressed in all black flooded the streets of Berkeley in a pack beating down on people.

To many, the violent group was absolutely terrifying, but there was one man who was not afraid of any of them.

A man with a bandana covering his face and disabled World War II veteran got into a heated debate. The member of Antifa screamed at the veteran, “you’re f*****g anti-American.” The veteran then responds with an emotionally charged statement, “you b*****d! I’m a f*****g patriot.”

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After drawing attention from other Antifa members around him, the disabled veteran was then assaulted as one man ruthlessly dumps a bottle of water on him. Others jumped in and pushed the man away.

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WTF! How can anyone be so disrespectful to an elderly man in a wheelchair? Who cares about political BS so much that they completely disregard compassion and empathy? O right, liberals, that’s who.

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