Dear CNN: Remember When DEMOCRATS Deported Kids At Gunpoint?

CNN is making a HUGE ruckus over the President’s decision to rescind DACA but they didn’t care when Obama deported Cuban children at gunpoint!

Another example of biased media. The Obama administration can deport Cuban children at gunpoint and there isn’t any big news over it from CNN. Now Trump rescinds DACA and there’s a whole documentary created over it. Not to mention that Cubans primarily vote for republicans. Coincidence?? I think not.

Clash Daily| Last month marked 17 years since little 6-year old Elian Gonzalez was taken from his family’s home in a late-night federal raid — with agents armed to the teeth — to be deported to Cuba.

It was an image seen around the world.

democrats deported kids

Deporting kids back to Cuba is different than sending them back to Mexico and South America for some reason.

[…]Elian’s Miami relatives argued if the boy went back to Cuba, he would become a brainwashed trophy for Castro in his long-running feud with the US.
As the two sides fought out the high-profile case in court, U.S. immigration officials decided to put Elian in the custody of his father, who had come to the United States to press for his son’s return.Democrats deported kids

Elian is now 23 and a solid communist. He believes in the ‘Revolution’ and is joining the Cuban army.

He also blames the United States for the many Cubans that take their lives in their hands — like his mother did — to flee. Continue reading here…

Now Elian, who has obviously been brainwashed like his family feared, believes that Castro is to be likened to a God. Yeah, that’s what I’d call brainwashing. Seems that the democrats have a bout of amnesia. Taking this child at gunpoint and sending him back to Cuba was ok. How is rescinding DACA wrong then??

We haven’t even heard the details of how Congress is going to fix the DACA problem. Yet, liberals everywhere are losing their minds! Listen people, the consequences of DACA are the result of the person who created the unconstitutional program, NOT the man who is trying to fix it!