Imagine you’re sitting down to dinner with your family. A giant meal has been made but you have to make sure everyone gets something that they want. You make a whole bunch of food.

Now, imagine if before you even see that everyone has gotten a piece of the turkey that you move the whole damn bird onto your plate. That would be greedy and everyone should look at you like you are a horrible person.

You see, one of the reasons that the Covid vaccine dispersal has been so horrid in some states is that there are people that are asking for seconds before anyone has gotten around to getting what they were supposed to get in the first place.

Eight Democratic governors are demanding that the federal government release doses of the coronavirus vaccine that have been withheld for the second round of inoculations, even though several of the states involved have large stockpiles of unused vaccine doses.

One of the states, New York, has seen hundreds of vaccine doses destroyed due to rigid guidelines limiting who can receive the vaccine. Kansas, another state whose governor signed the letter, is 48th out of 50 in terms of administering doses it was allocated, having used up just 19% of its stockpile.

Despite those struggles, the Democrats said that the federal government’s “failure” to distribute more vaccine doses was “unconscionable and unacceptable.”

“We demand that the federal government begin distributing these reserved doses to states immediately,” the governors wrote to Alex Azar, the secretary of Health and Human Services, and Gen. Gustave Perna, who is overseeing logistics for the federal government’s vaccine program.

The governors of California, Michigan, Illinois, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Washington also signed the letter. The federal government has withheld half of the doses manufactured by Pfizer and Moderna in order to provide a second round of inoculations for people who have already received the vaccine.

There has been a growing push amid a slower-than-expected vaccine rollout to release the second round of doses in order to get the vaccine into the arms of more people. President-elect Joe Biden plans to release all of the available doses from the stockpile, in a break with the Trump administration’s policy of holding half of doses in reserve.

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