The best-laid plans will often go to hell no matter who planned something or how well other people think the plan is going to go.

Nothing, and I mean nothing in this world goes exactly the way you think it is going to go. For example, a few years ago when my wife and I moved to Florida from Pennsylvania, we made the decision to drive at night in order to beat the traffic going through D.C. Trust me, anyone that has been caught in that mess will tell you don’t bring a lunch, bring dinner and possibly breakfast.

So, with the movers having gotten a six or seven-hour head start on us, we took off around four or five in the evening to miss the D.C. traffic. That we did, but what we didn’t expect is for there to be a rainstorm that got us caught going slower than we did, and the road we were on being closed for about an hour to accommodate cleaning up a truck that jackknifed. So yeah, plans never go exacly the way you set them.

If the Deep State folks would have understood that, then maybe their hateful plans to trick people over the COVID vaccination would have gone better.

In Massachusetts, more than half the people employed by the Department of Correction declined to be immunized.  A statewide survey in California showed that half of all correction employees will wait to be vaccinated.

In Rhode Island, prison staff have refused the vaccine at higher rates than the incarcerated, according to medical director Dr. Justin Berk. And in Iowa, early polling among employees showed a little more than half the staff said they’d get vaccinated.

As states have begun COVID-19 inoculations at prisons across the country, corrections employees are refusing vaccines at alarming rates, causing some public health experts to worry about the prospect of controlling the pandemic both inside and outside. Infection rates in prisons are more than three times as high as in the general public.

Prison staff helped accelerate outbreaks by refusing to wear masks, downplaying people’s symptoms, and haphazardly enforcing social distancing and hygiene protocols in confined, poorly ventilated spaces ripe for viral spread.

The Marshall Project and The Associated Press spoke with correctional officers and union leaders nationwide, as well as with public health experts and doctors working inside prisons, to understand why officers are declining to be vaccinated, despite being at higher risk of contracting COVID-19.

Many employees spoke on the condition of anonymity because they feared they would lose their jobs if they spoke out.

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