Ann Coulter is one of those people that when you listen to her talk she seems to echo a lot of the sensible statements that we are saying to teach other with the one main difference is she has the ability to reach a great many people at one time. Which is why we need people like her to continue speaking the truth.

“Let’s start by deporting the DREAMers,” quipped Ann Coulter in a Monday-aired interview on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily with Breitbart News’s Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow.
The status quo of demographic change wrought by immigration — both lawful and unlawful — must change in order to “save the country,” said Coulter.

Describing DREAMers — those targeted by the Obama administration’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) policy and subsequently proposed bills seeking to codify it as federal law — as “the most annoying people in the universe,” Coulter jestingly recommended prioritizing the most obnoxious cohort of illegal immigrants for deportation:

It has to be said that many of the legal and illegal low-wage workers, they’re incredibly hard workers, they’re really nice people, and it occurred to me … that I actually like all of the illegal immigrants except the DREAMers. They’re the ones I want deported first because they’re the activists. They’re the obnoxious ones. They’re the ones who go to congressional offices and stamp their feet and say, “How dare you not rush to grant us amnesty?” Whereas the other illegals don’t have the time to be protesting; they’re busy working, being polite, being so friendly and nice and saying, “Merry Christmas.”

No. Let’s start by deporting the DREAMers. That’s point one.

Without border security to halt the flow of foreigners illegally immigrating to America and deportations of swathes of foreigners illegally in the homeland, it is “lights out for America,” added Coulter.

“Unless [DREAMers] are not deported, they’re all becoming citizens,” warned Coulter.

“Widespread, unchecked, unfettered immigration,” said Marlow, is an existential threat to the continuity of American values.

Previous efforts to amnesty illegal immigrants — such as the Gang of Eight bill supported by Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) — amounted to “kill America” endeavors, said Coulter. Such amnesty proposals are regularly marketed by their proponents under the guise of “comprehensive immigration reform.”

Any legislated amnesty will necessarily extend beyond limiting parameters promised by its supporters, said Coulter, pointing to the broadening of previous amnesties beyond originally stated limits via judicial rulings.

Birthright citizenship must also end, agreed both Coulter and Marlow. Automatic extension of citizenship to “anchor babies,” said Coulter, is “crazy” and “insane.” Existing policy is exploited by a “birth tourism,” in which pregnant foreigners time visits to the U.S. to coincide with their expected due dates.

Demographic change is an existential issue trumping all other challenges, said both Coulter and Marlow.

“All of it is moot if we don’t and end the DACA amnesty talk and if we don’t get the wall up,” said Marlow. “If that doesn’t happen, by the time we get to the polls next November, literally, the country will be on a precipice.”

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