Total of 6 officers shot in Florida, Pennsylvania

Officer brutality has caused a total of six officers shot on the same day throughout Florida and Pennsylvania… Where are the protests for their lives?

Oh yeah, they’re police officers, liberals aren’t outraged when an officer is shot. What a sad world we live in… When the few “bad seeds” define the whole group of people. Nonetheless, their families are still mourning the events that took place on Friday.

Two officers shot in Kissimmee, Florida, two more in Jacksonville, Florida and two State Troopers in Pennsylvania.

Fox News| Three people were in custody Friday night, including a “strong suspect,” after one police officer was fatally shot and another suffered grave injuries in Kissimmee, Fla., south of Orlando.

6 officers shot[…]A unit of four to five Jacksonville police officers responded to an attempted suicide call late Friday evening. As officers approached the house, the suspect started shooting through a doorway, seriously injuring two officers, Jacksonville police said at a media briefing.

The suspect was shot, and later died at a hospital, police tweeted.

In Pennsylvania, both state troopers were in stable condition and the suspect was killed, authorities said. A press briefing is scheduled for 10:30 a.m. Saturday.

This hate and disrespect was brought about under Obama. He had no respect for our law enforcement and actually invited groups who called for the killing of police officers to the White House! Thankfully, President Trump is working very hard to bring Law and Order back to this country. Our Police officers deserve the respect.

We can’t let a few bad cops define all law enforcement. We have wonderful men and women who go out there and put their lives on the line to protect you, no matter what your skin color is. They should be celebrated, not punished for another person’s sins.

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