Libs Triggered by Conf. Flag on Boat Saving Multi Racial Flood Victims

Hillary Staffer, Logan Anderson saw a man with a confederate flag on his boat saving all flood victims, including black people, and all she can see is hate…

Obviously being a fan of the confederate flag doesn’t make one racist, as the man with the boat proved in Texas. Yet, his selfless actions mean nothing to people like Anderson because all she can see is her hate for that confederate flag. Her ignorance abounded on Twitter.

Then she expands on that thought and says that she would board the Confederate flag wielding boat but this is what she’d do to his flag…

Ohhhh the race baiting, it hurts…

Seems the disgust amongst Twitter users was mutual:

Twitter confederate flag

IJR| Interestingly enough, Anderson is tweeting from California, where Antifa is simultaneously protesting at the University of California, Berkeley.

Isn’t it strange how we haven’t seen anyone dressed in black with masks covering their faces helping flood victims in Texas?

Texans helping Texans is what is going on. This is not political, it is a devastating time in Texas and people are helping each other no matter what. Haters need to shut up and keep the politics out of this.

If she’s so outraged, why doesn’t she get her behind down there and help? The messed up part is, she’d probably leave behind the family with the confederate flag. So where is the real hate coming from?