What I am about to say may not seem like it makes a whole heck of a lot of sense in context but go with me on this….you ever wonder why you have to walk to the back of a grocery store to get milk?

Well, I will tell you why it’s only partially due to that’s where the store wanted to put the cooler. The reality is much more sinister. They want you to buy more stuff. Simply put, if you went to a grocery store to get a gallon of m ilk right now, chances are you would have to walk through at the very least a good portion of the store. Which increases the chances of you buying something “just because”. I’ve done it a million times.

Now that’s a pretty tame and innocent example. That’s just trying to get people to buy more food or whatnot. What China did is much more sinister than putting the milk in the back. They got people sick so they could charge people for the medicine.

Now that China has unleashed Covid-19 and its mutant variants across the entire planet to devastate national economies and kill off elderly people, they’re following up by providing the cure. The evil agenda behind the move has just been revealed.

The world is wondering what kind of sneaky move Beijing is up to this time. For some reason, they’re flooding the planet with cheap and easy to obtain vaccines.

How effective they are and what else might be in the doses hasn’t yet been determined. Some say that China is simply trying to save face and help out after subjecting everyone to the plague. Others say their agenda is a lot more evil and sinister than that.

China wants to help the South American nation of Chile with their Covid-19 problem, along with dozens of other third world nations who can’t afford the fancy brand name vaccines from Pfizer or Moderna.

Chile’s President Sebastián Piñera, called the first shipment of China made vaccines “a day of joy, emotion and hope.” Many wonder, “at what ultimate price?” China might just have a nefarious agenda lurking behind their humanitarianism.

What appears to be a program of “vaccine diplomacy” is being touted as a “surprising success.” President “Pooh Bear” Xi Jinping has promised “roughly half a billion doses” to “more than 45 countries.” They apparently had a head start on research for the vaccine because today, “just four of China’s many vaccine makers” are able to meet the load to “produce at least 2.6 billion doses this year.”

That means that most of the world’s population will end up with a shot made in China. That alone is certain to help jump start the communist country’s dead economy. They’ll be owed money by every small nation on the planet. That could be the secret behind their agenda.

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