This Picture Brilliantly Shows The Difference Between REAL Math And That Common Core Nonsense

When you ask any kid what their favorite subject in school was, you might not see as many kids say math, even back in the good old days you might not have seen it all that often.

Personally, I loved my math classes as a kid. There was a particular logic to it, a certainty that could never be denied. Two plus two would always equal four and a third of nine would always be three.

The other thing that I loved were the story problems because let’s face it there is more math used in real life situations than almost anything one would have learned in school at a time. The logic behind story problems was, at least in my view to get kids to look at math and use it in a potential real life scenario.

A brilliant meme posted to social media perfectly captured how the counterculture movement promoted by liberals has transformed public education from actual education into progressive indoctrination.

For instance, during most of the 20th century, math class used to be about actual math, even if the courses became progressively less challenging for increasingly sensitive students.

These days, it tends to be more about social issues such as racism, discrimination, environmentalism and so-called Islamophobia.

So whereas a math problem in the past stuck to the basics, a Common Core math problem in the present focuses on all the wrong things.

Math Problem Meme

Liberals believe that being “tolerant” requires not only immersing students in Islamic culture and Shariah law, but also teaching children never to criticize the often violent religion.

Trevor Phillips, the former chief of Britain’s Equalities and Human Rights Commission, used to feel somewhat similar about Islam, but then he realized the truth.

Islam by nature is largely incompatible with Western culture, so while Muslims are permitted to live among us, the ways of their authoritarian religion should not be taught in public schools, let alone mentioned in math class.

In fact, social justice in its entirety has no place in any math class. Such a class should be focused on addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and other mathematical concepts.

I know this idea sounds radical to progressives, but it certainly worked for Isaac Newton and Pythagoras, so it should work for our kids as well.

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