On Friday, Biden’s regime announced that it would provide Ukraine with an additional $270 million from the tax dollars of hard-working Americans, including four High Mobility Precision Artillery Rocket Systems (HIMARS).

According to reports, the US has now committed approximately $8.2 billion in security assistance to Ukraine since the beginning of the Joe Biden-led administration. In aid $7.3 billion of which has been sent since Russia invaded in late February, according to a Department of Defense announced on Friday. More than half of the aid comes from a $40 billion package for Ukraine approved by Congress in May.

“Today, the Department of Defense (DoD) announced $270 million in additional security assistance for Ukraine. This includes President Biden’s announcement of a Presidential Drawdown of security assistance valued at up to $175 million, as well as $95 million in Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative (USAI) funds,” Acting Pentagon Press Secretary Todd Breasseale said in a press release.

Since August 2021, the Biden Administration has authorized “sixteen similar drawdowns of equipment from DoD inventory for Ukraine,” the press release noted.

As per a press release from the US Department of Defense, capabilities in this package include more of the weapons systems and gear that Ukrainians have been deploying to defend their nation so successfully on the battlefield, such as:

  • Four additional High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems (HIMARS) and additional ammunition for HIMARS
  • Four Command Post Vehicles
  • 36,000 rounds of 105mm ammunition
  • Additional anti-armour weapons, spare parts, and other equipment

Furthermore, a White House official informed reporters on Friday that the US is looking into the possibility of sending fighter jets built in the US to Ukraine

White House spokesperson John Kirby said that although early investigations into the viability of potentially giving the jets to Ukraine have been made, the action would not be taken right now.

In late June, when Biden was asked about the future of the United States’ commitment to Ukraine, Biden told reporters that “We are going to support Ukraine as long as it takes,”

He said pertaining to Russia that…

They’ve had to renege on their national debt for the first time since the beginning, in almost well over a hundred years. They’ve lost 15 years of the gains they’ve made in terms of their economy,”

“They’re going to have trouble maintaining oil production because they don’t have the technology to do it. They need American technology. They’re also in a similar satiation in terms of their weapons systems and some of their military systems. So they’re paying a very, very heavy price for this,” Biden added, “I don’t know how it’s going to end but it will not end, but it will not end with a Russian defeat of Ukraine in Ukraine.”

And until Russia is defeated, Americans should expect to pay high gas prices, the president has also said.

“As long as it takes,” Biden responded in a question “How long is it fair to expect American drivers and drivers around the world to pay that premium for this war?” by one of the reporter in June.

“So Russia cannot in fact defeat Ukraine and move beyond Ukraine. This is a critical, critical position for the world. Here we are. Why do we have NATO? I told Putin that in fact, if he were to move, we would move to strengthen NATO. We would move to strengthen NATO across the board,” Biden said.

Watch it here: Youtube/France 24

Sources: Dailywire, Washingtontimes, Toledoblade



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