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One of the things that the liberal media keeps trying to do over and over, is that they try to find any small thing that the Trump family has done and exploit it. They try to talk about the smallest thing as if it were the end of the world.

President Trump forgets to be nice to someone one day, that’s a big deal all of a sudden. Shoot, I am personally surprised that they haven’t tried to run a  story on Barron for not finishing a soda before throwing it in a trash can.

The point is, they will go for anything that they can whether it means anything or not because they will find a cause and then invent a reason.

CNN is attacking the First Lady of the United States with the help of a former friend, or someone who was posing as her friend at the time secretly tape-recorded private conversation of personal discussions in 2018 and has now released the tapes to CNN just a few weeks before the Presidential election, in an attempt to hurt the Trump family.

The left already had the hashtag trending #MelaniaTapes and were happily gossipiping about how they got Trump this time.

This “October Surprise” is not having the effect that the Democrats wanted, because people are reporting that they are more fond of Mrs. Melania Trump now than they were in the past because they get to see a very human sign of an iconic figure.

In a series of recordings, Trump is overheard talking to a friend about her reaction to Children being trafficked into the County and placed in detainment areas. Trump shows her concern for children making a comment about how she is not above the law, how she gets frustrated with people lying about her.

Also Trump is talking about Chritmas decorations, and the pressure she feels to put up decorations.

The Hill wrote the following:

“A former Melania Trump friend and adviser said she is working with multiple prosecutors on investigations into potential financial crimes committed in connection with the president’s 2017 inauguration.

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