Henry Jackson for Politico reports, “As President Donald Trump’s fiery Phoenix campaign rally ended, CNN anchor Don Lemon had an instant reaction: He openly questioned Trump’s fitness for office.”

Lemon ranted, “I’m just going to speak from the heart here — what we have witnessed is a total eclipse of the facts… He’s unhinged. It’s embarrassing.” Then like clockwork former Obama lackey James Clapper joined in, further planting the seeds claiming Trump is “looking for a way out” of the presidency.


“I don’t understand the adulation” NO KIDDING MR CLAPPER! Of course you don’t understand. That is why you LOST the election. You don’t understand the American people. You and Don Lemon are disconnected from reality.

This is it, friends, the next phase has been initiated. First Russia, then Racism, now mentally unfit to lead. As we’ve reported here multiple bills have already been introduced to take down our President claiming he is “unfit for command”, and what you just witnessed is CNN, Don Lemon and James Clapper abusing their positions in an effort to further that narrative and undermine, not only President Trump, but America as a whole.

It is time we sound the alarm together – and to every Trump supporter in the land – that they have initiated the next phase of their plan to take down Trump. But we see through their schemes. The Good news is these morons NEVER LEARN. And that no weapon formed against OUR PRESIDENT will prosper and every attempt by the enemy to attack is exposed and only makes him stronger.

We need to get this out there, patriots!

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