Imagine if you will that you had a football team that was filled with nothing but people that were cut from other football teams. People that nobody else thought was going to be any good, or people that were proven to be total busts.

You can’t possibly think that those people would be able to do a good job in the slightest now do you? Nope. Well, CNN is that football team.

Where other media outlets can get actual people that know what they are doing and have no issue about telling the truth, they are either looking to fill their roster with known liars or complete and total failures.

Now, if you are looking to have both at the same time…Well, just looking until your find a former Democratic politican.

A former Alabama Senator is now joining CNN as a commentator and showing that failures are often attracted to the fake news network.

Democratic Senator Doug Jones is handing over his political career to become a commentator for a notorious establishment media network.

Jones is a former federal prosecutor and was a part-time senator. He tweeted that he would be joining CNN and his initial debut would be on Friday afternoon.

This is not his only new stint and plans to work as a fellow in politics and public service at Georgetown University starting this spring.

In 2017, Jones beat out Republican Roy Moore in a special election. This was due to needing to finish the term of Republican Jeff Session who’s term was unexplored.

The new CNN commentator found failure when he lost to GOP nominee Tommy Tuberville in the 2020 general election in November.

Many Americans know that the mainstream media is completely fake news but the brainwashing has got to some of the American populous.

But many conservatives and free-thinking people are sick of it. In one instance, a live broadcast was overshadowed by bystanders calling out fake news.

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