CNN: We Can’t Enjoy The Eclipse Because Trump Is President

Apparently, the eclipse viewing, which happens only once in a lifetime, will be ruined for Navarro because of President Donald Trump.

People are finding the craziest things to blame Donald Trump for these days. Ana Navarro, a political commentator for CNN is blaming her capability of enjoying a once in a lifetime event because of President Trump… I have to admit, that’s a new one.

IJR| Navarro said she is too “worried” about the “broken state of our nation” and “President Loco” to enjoy the eclipse:

In response, concerned Americans have asked Navarro to relax and enjoy the momentous event:

eclipse viewing Navarro
There have always been slaves throughout history. The Jews were slaves, the Irish were slaves and the blacks were slaves. It should not have happened to anyone, but it did. Sitting around feeling sorry for yourself won’t fix anything. This generation never had to be slaves. Your mom and dad were never slaves. It’s time to stop acting like a victim over something that never happened to you, and start raising your children to believe that they can accomplish anything regardless of their skin tone.

IJR Reported: 

Republican strategist and political commentator Ana Navarro is not going to have a good time watching the historic total solar eclipse Monday. The eclipse, which happens only once in a lifetime, will be ruined for Navarro because of President Donald Trump.

Navarro said she is too “worried” about the “broken state of our nation” and “President Loco” to enjoy the eclipse:


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  1. jthinkin

    Awwww, poor people! How can these people stand it. Suggestion: Move to a country where the president, dictator, Imam, etc. is more to your liking, or shut up.

  2. David

    Stupid birch. You missed out blaming him for the rise and fall of the Roman empire, the first and second world wars, the American revolution, the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and the great fire of London. Did I miss anything?

  3. Tresia Mitchell

    Seriously…this is getting old. All of this is continuing because of media. Move on & love your children & family. Your irresponsible actions are giving thugs a reason to destroy our cities.
    So many mentality people on the street & news rooms.

  4. Sherman Sanders

    I can’t wait to hear from some more goof balls with screwed up excuses for whatever. These people are getting to be entertaining….a bunch of wierdos.

  5. jerseycat

    this crap has gone to far, we used to have real people in this country, real people. Now we have whining petulant assholes like this bitch,Waaaa, go back in your hole and leave the rest of us alone, stupid cu*t


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