A new set of low ratings hits CNN’s struggling media program “Reliable Sources” with Brian Stelter. On Sunday, the show got its smallest audience of 2021 as the liberal program has now failed to crack the one-million viewer plateau for five consecutive weeks.

After President Trump left the office the media world outlets hurting for clicks and viewers, but possibly the hardest-hit network could be CNN. “Reliable Sources” suffered its lowest ratings of the year, and yet somehow the news gets even worse for host Brian Stelter.

On May 2, Stelter’s program averaged only 810,000 total viewers and a dismal 163,000 among the key demographic of adults age 25-54, for its worst performance of the year in both categories.

To add insult to injury, “Reliable Sources” had better ratings without regular host Stelter, who has often been labeled as a “hall monitor” by his critics. The previous week’s episode with fill-in host John Avalon notched 907,000 viewers, nearly 100,000 more than when Stetler returned from vacation.

Avalon also did better with the advertiser-friendly 25-54 demo, averaging 182,000 viewers.

Avlon also topped Stelter’s most recent episode in the key demo, averaging 182,000 viewers among the group coveted by advertisers.

Stelter, who tweeted from his vacation spot to promote the previous edition of “Reliable Sources,” has struggled to attract an audience since former President Trump left office. The far-left pundit spent years criticizing Trump’s every step, typically refraining from criticizing liberals and devoting ample time to bashing conservative media. The strategy doesn’t appear to be working as “Reliable Sources” has now been under one million viewers for seven of the past eight weeks.

“Reliable Sources” isn’t the only struggling CNN program, as revamped morning show “New Day” flounders. Newly minted co-host Brianna Keilar hasn’t been able to help the beleaguered show, as “New Day” had its worst week of the year among total viewers last week. It was even down five percent compared to the previous week when Keilar debuted in the seat previously occupied by Alisyn Camerota.

Overall, Fox News was the clearcut rating winner with an average of 2.3 million primetime viewers, surpassing MSNBC with an average of 1.6 million. “Tucker Carlson Tonight” averaged 2.9 million viewers, making it the most-watched cable news program of the week.

A new Rasmussen Reports survey found that CNN is likely to continue to struggle in the rating department. A survey of 1,000 likely voters between May 3-4 was asked if they continue to watch the big three cable networks.

Fox News was the winner with 41% of viewers saying they continue to watch the conservative news channel. But viewers are less likely to watch left-wing cable networks CNN and MSNBC. A mere 25% of respondents said they “generally watch” CNN, and only 21% said they tune into MSNBC.

“It may be that the biggest loser in last year’s election wasn’t a political candidate, but CNN, which has seen its ratings drop precipitously since former President Donald Trump left office in January,” Rasmussen Reports stated. “Those numbers are a sharp reversal from four years ago when Trump’s presidency proved a rating gold mine for CNN. In a June 2017 survey, 47% of regular cable news viewers said they generally watched CNN, compared to 33% for Fox News and 16% for MSNBC.”

During President Joe Biden’s first 100 days in office, ratings have plummeted for CNN and MSNBC.

“On average, 1.3 million household viewers were watching MSNBC in the last week of January, shortly after Biden took office,” The Hill reported. “For the week ending April 25, that number was 868,000. At CNN, those figures went from 1.2 million to 749,000.”


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