Hillary is clearly confused about how the American voting system works during the Presidential elections.

During elections each individual state in the US is given a certain amount of electoral votes. The number of votes given depends on the amount of people in the area. So a larger populous state, like California for example, has 55 electoral votes, while the small state of North Dakota has only 3.


Electors must cast a vote for the candidate who wins the state’s popular vote in the 48 states. So even if the votes are split in half, President Donald Trump still wins all 29 of the US states electoral votes. This is due to the fact that he won the popular vote by even a small margin.

Reported by dailymail:

Maine and Nebraska are the exceptions to the rule, giving out electoral votes to each candidate proportionally, based on the results of the popular vote.

There have been complaints in recent years that this system is perhaps unfair, since it causes some votes to be weighted more than others. One of the issues is that voters in solidly-blue or red states are becoming discouraged to vote, if they are members of a rival party, since their vote likely won’t be reflected in the states electoral votes. 

From 100percentfedup:

Hillary Clinton just opened her mouth and proved the people who say she’s not smart right. She doesn’t understand how our voting works in American Presidential Elections…Wow!


Clinton has been making the rounds blaming everything under the sun for her loss but this one is pretty revealing. She’s either irrational or stupid…The electoral college has a purpose…she’s clueless!

‘I’d like to see us move beyond it, yes.’

Clinton won the popular vote by 3 million votes, but didn’t cinch the election because Trump won the Electoral College. He earned 304 Electoral College votes and she won 227.

She clearly doesn’t understand the process…Could someone send this to Hillary? She needs some help on understanding the Electoral College…or does she?


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