During the election last year, Hillary Clinton and her band of evil henchmen tried everything that they could to sway the election in their favor. It wasn’t exactly shaking hands and kissing babies.

Let’s be real for a moment folks, there wasn’t anyone with any sense that wanted to shake Hillary Clinton’s hand. The Democratic party was trying to do everything it could to get people to not like Donald Trump instead of getting them to like Hillary Clinton. Everything that they did was backwards.

A top Clinton donor offered to pay $500,000 to get sexual harassment accusers to come forward against Donald Trump before the election, while another top Democrat operative offered $200,000, a new report reveals.

The revelation was buried in a story published by The New York Times on Sunday titled “Partisans, Wielding Money, Begin Seeking to Exploit Harassment Claims.” The story’s angle was that both sides might be suborning false accusers to come forward with money.

However, the big news was buried deep in the piece when it was described how Lisa Bloom, the attorney daughter of Gloria Allred, went to a Clinton-allied super-PAC to ask for money to vet a potential sexual harassment accusation against then-candidate Trump.

“That case collapsed one week before Election Day, but as a result of the attention it generated, several donors reached out to Ms. Bloom ‘asking how they could help,’ she said. She told them that she was working with ‘a few other women’ who might ‘find the courage to speak out’ against Mr. Trump if the donors would provide funds for security, relocation and possibly a ‘safe house,’” The Times reported.

The story cited the involvement of liberal activist David Brock.

“Ms. Bloom would not identify the donors. But two Democrats familiar with the arrangements said a nonprofit group founded by Mr. Brock, American Bridge 21st Century Foundation, gave $200,000, while the fashion entrepreneur Susie Tompkins Buell, a major donor to Mr. Brock’s suite of groups, gave $500,000 to Ms. Bloom’s firm for the last-ditch effort.”

In other words, $700,000 — including $500,000 from the founder of Esprit clothing — was funneled through the man behind Media Matters for America to try and find accusers willing to come forward and make allegations against Donald Trump.

The story claims that the effort “was not productive.”

“One woman requested $2 million, Ms. Bloom said, then decided not to come forward,” the story read. “Nor did any other women.”

Instead, Bloom told The Times she gave back “most of the cash,” merely retaining “some funds to pay for our out-of-pocket expenses” incurred during the vetting process. She also claims that none of the money went toward her legal fees, nor was the Clinton campaign appraised “on any of this.”


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