David Clarke is one of those people that any number of us would likely trust with the safety of our homes and our families.

Put it you you this way, I personally cannot think of anyone that would not trust him to hold your mail for you while you were on vacation.

That being said, he gets maligned a lot by liberals who simply do not understand the difference between acceptance and tolerance. They do not understand that tolerance means putting up with things that you don’t like.

Former Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke rose to prominence on the national political scene in 2016 when he was one of then-candidate Donald Trump’s most outspoken supporters, particularly within the African-American community.

Unfortunately, as has been the case with many of Trump’s backers, he has since been subjected to an ongoing campaign by the left to discredit him in every way possible. Now the former law enforcement official will have to stand trial for how he supposedly “violated” one of his left-wing critics.

A liberal named Daniel Black was on the same plane flight as Clarke on January 15, 2017 and confronted him before the plane took off. After the plane landed, Clarke had some of his officers question Black.

Stated Clarke to one of his officers by text message, “Just a field interview, no arrest unless he becomes an asshole with your guys. Question for him is why he said anything to me. Why didn’t he just keep his mouth shut?”

Black later wrote about the incident and posted it on his social media accounts.

Clarke responded to Black’s version of events by writing on his Facebook page, “Cheer up, snowflake … if Sheriff Clarke were to really harass you, you wouldn’t be around to whine about it.”

Black then sued Clarke, alleging that this Facebook message violated his civil rights.

Reported USA Today, “The next month, Black sued Clarke and…six deputies, claiming violations of his Fourth Amendment right against unreasonable seizure, retaliation for exercising his First Amendment rights by having him stopped at the airport and the subsequent mockery on Facebook, and his due process rights under the 14th Amendment. The suit also sought to have the county held liable for Clarke’s actions.” Later this month, Clarke will have to stand trial over these charges.

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