If you want to get a job somewhere, especially in law enforcement there are a whole host of different qualifications that you need to have like being a citizen.

For example, if you wanted to get a job at the Sheriff’s Department in Denver department you couldn’t just roll in off the street and they hand you an orientation package.

If you walked into the Denver Sheriff’s office and were not a citizen of the United States they would pretty much turn you around and come back when you’ve said the Pledge of Allegiance in a large room with a bunch of other people.

As the department tried to cut millions of dollars worth of overtime pay from their deputies that had been run pretty much ragged they tried to hire a new crop of folks to take their place when they had pretty much reached the point where they could work no more hours.

The department placed an ad, including that being a United States citizen was a requirement.

However, people with an ax to grind and a bug in their rear just had to jump all over this one as quick as they could.

By the spring of 2016 the department had hired somewhere around two hundred people. But of course, no good deep goes unpunished as the department was fined ten thousand dollars for purposely discriminating against job seekers.

Are you kidding me? This is similar to a story about a woman who sued a school district for not being allowed to be a Spanish teacher despite the depth of her knowledge of that particular language were the words taco and burrito.

Not wanting to look politically incorrect the Sheriff’s Department was forced to backtrack with the following statement.

“The Denver Sheriff Department maintains its commitment to treat all people with dignity and respect, and is proud to have one of the most diverse workplaces in Colorado,” said Denver Sheriff’s Department spokesperson Simon Crittle. “While we didn’t commit this violation intentionally, we accept responsibility and are taking steps to clarify policy and amend language in hiring documents.”

I mean, really people. Does this mean now that if someone that has no experience farming is going to be able to sue because they aren’t allowed to work on a farm or a restaurant is now going to get sued because someone that couldn’t boil water without screwing it up wasn’t hired?

We need people that are citizen and citizens only working in law enforcement because anyone else you have to think they have a vested interest somewhere else.

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