We have all had a North Korea in our lives and we have all had to find ways to deal with that. One way is to simply tell them that you are not going to put up with their crap anymore. The fact is, North Korea has become a pain in everyone’s butt, even the countries that are supposedly friendly with the Hermit Kingdom.

There has been a palpability to the coming winds of war that, in 2018, is now as thick and oppressive as a Florida heatwave.

In the waning moments of former President Barack Obama’s failed tenure, the democratic deity made an unfathomably aggressive move to reignite the Cold War.

Based solely on the nonsensical ramblings of the despondent democrats, President Obama decided to punish the Russian government for allegedly attempting to interfere in the 2016 election.

This overreaction to a purely unverified conspiracy theory rightfully incensed the Russian government, and left a touchy diplomatic mess for incoming President Donald Trump.

There are more than a few pundits who believe that this was no accident, and that Obama was hoping to doom The Donald from day one.

Then, as Donald Trump began settling into the Oval Office, the nation was suddenly being figuratively attacked from a number of directions…most incessantly by North Korea.

Kim Jong Un and his tyrannical government continuously insulted and threatened Donald Trump and the American people until such a time as Trump decided to respond. What has transpired since that time has been nothing short of verbal calamity, with North Korea inching ever closer to finally putting a finger on the launch button.

A confrontation between the United States and North Korea would be a seminal moment for the already tenuous relationships around the globe. Russia has already made simple warnings to America about the use of force in against the Hermit Kingdom, and there is little doubt that China would involve themselves, seeing as they are one of North Korea’s few allies on the planet.

In fact, the Chinese are so sure that they will end up having to back North Korea in a possible conflict, that President Xi Jinping is personally telling his armies to prepare.

“Speaking in front of thousands of troops and over 300 perfectly organised military vehicles, Xi – the Communist Party’s General Secretary – ordered his forces to prepare for the event of war.

“‘Here I give my orders: the military at all levels should strengthen military training and war preparedness.’

“’The military should continue to implement actual and joint trainings under combat conditions, and continue to conduct strict training in accordance with the Outline for Military Training and Evaluation.’

“’The military should hold training and competition with mass participation, strengthen tailored and adversarial training, enhance real combat capabilities, and master the skills to fight and win.’”

There is already plenty of concern over the U.S. making any moves on the Korean Peninsula, thanks to the madness inherent with the Kim regime.

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