CEO, Entire Family KILLED…Ties To Clinton Foundation!

Anything involving the Clintons is difficult to turn a blind eye to. It’s almost like if you were a schoolteacher and had a student that perpetually was getting in trouble. Even if they were not doing something directly awful at that moment you always want to keep your eye on them just in case.

The shocking number of dead bodies accumulating around the Clintons cannot be considered a “coincidence” any longer, especially now after this most recent victim has just been identified this week under truly tragic circumstances.

The most scandalous couple in political history’s body count seems to be on the rise once again, after a brief reprieve of no sudden, mysterious casualties.

The latest is possibly the most shocking yet with the surprising connection that one dead citizen has to the Clintons that others did not.

The casualties that keep accumulating around this crooked woman with major secrets she’s desperate to keep hidden no matter who she has to kill off to ensure it has reached an unprecedented level that can not, or should not, be ignored any longer.

In what’s being reported as a freak airplane accident, ten Americans, including many members of one specific family, have died in plane crash.

However, the timing of their deaths, including one person, in particular, on board, is less than ironic after what he just exposed of Hillary’s which cannot be ignored.

We’re not the only people asking this very important question of how, why, and where this happened. The way they crashed would have been particularly difficult in this day and age, yet somehow happened anyway.

Bloomberg reports: Bridgewater Associates executive Bruce Steinberg and his family were among 10 Americans killed when a charter plane crashed into a mountain in Costa Rica on Sunday.

“The Bridgewater family lost Bruce Steinberg (a senior investor at Bridgewater and a wonderful man) and his family,” Ray Dalio, the founder of the Westport, Connecticut-based hedge fund, said in a statement on social media Monday. “Right now, we are each processing this devastating tragedy in our own ways. At this time I will be devoting my attention to doing this and helping others.”

From the outset, it seems like another fatal tragedy, especially since o family members are involved – and it is. However, on a closer look at the connection to something huge, with even bigger ramifications for the powerful, it seems that perhaps there was a sinister motive involved. It looks like the “Clinton curse” may have struck again. This particular family reportedly has a direct connection to the United Nations and the Clinton Foundation.  Steinberg reportedly worked with the Clinton Foundation in the Clinton Library.

Bloomberg continues: Steinberg, 50, was a senior member of Bridgewater’s research team, according to a company spokeswoman. Prior to joining the hedge fund, he had worked at several banks including UBS AG, Royal Bank of Scotland Plc and Credit Suisse Group AG, Finra records show.

The Steinbergs were from Scarsdale, New York. Matthew was an eighth grader in private school, and his older brothers were both in college — William at the University of Pennsylvania and Zachary at Johns Hopkins University.

Authorities in Costa Rica said strong winds were reported in the area of the crash and were being examined as a possible factor in what happened, according to the Associated Press.

“No possibility can be left out for certain,” the AP quoted Michael Soto, deputy director of Costa Rica’s Judicial Investigation agency, as saying. “We have two aspects: The principal one would be some weather condition and if there was a mechanical issue.”

In another crash involving a small aircraft, Compass Group Plc Chief Executive Officer Richard Cousins and four members of his close family were killed when a seaplane crashed into the Hawkesbury River in Sydney.

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