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Hilarious serious of tweets from Adam Baldwin clowning Debra Messing on her pledge to defend the Constitutions she has been working hard to fight against for the last 6 months of her life with all the other loony lefties, will have you rolling. “Should we tell @DebraMessing the Electoral College and the 2nd Amendment are in the Constitution she just pledged to?” You gotta see these!

VIA| The Hollywood left’s disdain for President Donald J. Trump is no secret. From promising to leave the country should he win the election to furthering the separation between themselves and “real” Americans, it’s clear that many celebrities are not happy about the next four years.

And with all the fear created around Trump’s presidency come “plans of action” to either deny the president his title or “deal with” him while he’s in office.

Messing, best known for her lead role in “Will & Grace,” repeated the same oath the president takes as he’s sworn into office — the only difference being the noting of her role as “an American”:

“I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute my role as an American, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

But some people called Messing out for the theatric reading, even criticizing her acting skills:


Nailed it.

Balwin was on a roll:


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One Response

  1. Bill Doyle

    You seemed so smart and capable as your character on Will & Grace. But I guess all actors are taught to do that. In reality, your actions like this video show how dumb and really how ill informed you are. For eight g. d. years, where were you as Obama took us closer to socialism than any time is the history of our country. Obama is a communist, don’t you read anything. Not everything is in the form of a script!

    He and his Arab friends hate our constitution and would burn in on the capitol steps if allowed to do so. It is so frustrating to see you privileged few get the bully pull pit and spit vile words out with phony emotions turning those of us that don’t take our marching orders from people like you.

    You need to shut your stupid face up… You may be impressing Meryl Streep, but the people that buy tickets or turn on/off TV are looking for other things to watch. Why don’t you join one of the services, or volunteer for the USO, see what real patriotism is not the phony stuff where you have a 5 star lunch, walk a few blocks and have you chuffer pick you up to go to a hotel.

    To me and lots of others, you are just a phony piece of sh-t that needs to be whipped off my Obama ass and flushed down the toilet.


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