This THIEF Was Caught Stealing A Treadmill. Who She Stole it From Will Break Your Heart..

There are very few things in life that are more disgusting than a thief and when someone takes it upon themselves to steal from someone who has quite frankly, had a rough go of it it compounds the venom that people should feel for that person.

According to Fox 4 Kansas City, a Missouri man caught a thief on camera trying to steal a treadmill that was meant for his father who was battling cancer.

In the package was a 66-pound treadmill meant for Matt Elwonger’s dad, who is battling bladder cancer and his doctor wants him to stay active.

Elwonger posted the surveillance footage to Facebook and the video was shared over 30,000 times.

“I worked really hard to get that for my dad,” Elwonger told Fox 4 KC. “My brother even — a joint present from me and my brother. We all worked really hard to get it.”

People on Facebook reached out to Elwonger and offered him their gym equipment.

Someone later recognized the box in the street from the video, dropped it off at the nearby FedEx and messaged Elwonger.

Fortunately for Elwonger, the thief ditched the box after she opened it, realizing it was a treadmill.

“She opened it, and it wasn’t what she wanted so she just threw it out in the street,” he said.

Elwonger picked the treadmill up Wednesday and assembled it to give to his father for Christmas.

This is something that unfortunately happens all to often over the holidays in that someone tries to steal something from somebody and it can absolutely break your heart to think that someone would be so crass.

Then again, if they are going to steal something right off of someone’s porch in the first place there wan’t that much morality in the person to begin with.