Ana Mardoll, a transgender author has gained immense traction on social media since he was exposed for working for an aerospace company and defense contractor Lockheed Martin.

And after the activist started a debate about ableism on social media, the Cancel Culture mob dug into the activist’s personal life.

Mardoll, a self-described writer, activist, and nonbinary transgender boy, is largely known for his opinions on writing online and for being too leftist, however, he began trending on Twitter after he claimed that it was ableist to suggest that one must read intensively to become a good writer that resulted in Netizens slammed the online personality.

Internet users revealed that Ana Mardoll apparently worked for Lockheed Martin for 15 years. A large defense company that is thought to have contributed to the American wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, enraging the Internet, with Mardoll for working with the defense contractor that was deemed online to be pro-war.

The organization has allegedly been implicated in the occupation of Palestine, according to Reddit user parsleybutter. Even some online users alleged that the business terrorized Yemen.

The Daily Mail reported:

Mardoll’s address and personal social media accounts are listed on a Medium Blog page that the person who reported her job originally established. The site later took down the page because it broke its standards.

From a now-deleted Twitter account of the author of No Man of Woman, a Twitter user posted a screenshot of Ana Mardoll’s statement about working for the organization.

Mardoll said, “I’ve been aware that someone is trying to dox me and @ everyone I know in the process, so I might as well address some things here,”

“I’m sorry I have to do this,” the author said. “I work at a large corporation which I will not name. I work in software licensing, procuring text editors and code compliers for others.’

“I do not procure code for anything, I got this particular job because my family works for the same corporation.”

“I stay because I’m on an unusual part-time arrangement for medical reasons, it’s hard to find a remove [sic] WFH job that will give me medical insurance but let me work 10-20 hours a week,” the activist added.

Here are some comments from folks online:

“Not going to weigh in on the Ana Mardoll/Lockheed Martin thing other than to say him having worked there 15 years is what’s really blowing my mind, because I assumed he was mid-20s because his bio describes himself as a trans boy,”

“If you have the qualifications to get hired doing software development for Lockheed Martin, then you have the qualifications to find a job working for a significantly less evil corporation,”

“Ana Mardoll being a Lockheed Martin nepotism hire, who’s been there since the middle of the Bush administration, is making me lose it,”

Cinder the Fireplace Boy and the Gayly Grimm Tales, Poison Kiss, and Survival Rout are only a few of the works written by Mardoll.

Additionally, the author has a YouTube channel with more than 4,000 subscribers. Eight months have passed since Mardoll last posted a video (“Let’s Play Honey, I Joined a Cult”).

Sources: Dailywire, Dailymail, Redstate


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