The supporters of the Freedom Truckers have been facing a huge problem but Democratic Ilhan Omar may have stood up and defended them.

Recently, the GiveSendGo data leak has been a huge problem not only for the Freedom Truckers but for the donors particularly.

Tammy Giuliani’s life has completely changed not because of her $250 donation to the Freedom Convoy but because of Alison Mah’s recent report where Tammy’s name and business got involved publicly.

On Tuesday, Tammy had to close down her business after her employees have received threats.

Tammy said in a statement, “We got a call from the team saying, ‘We’re getting phone calls here, and I said, What’s going on?’ and they said, ‘They’re threatening to throw bricks through our window. They’re threatening to come and get us.’ We said, ‘Lock the door and we’ll find out what’s going on.’”

In the leaked GiveSendGo post, Giuliani wrote she had initially given $100 on GoFundMe, but asked for a refund when that fund was frozen.

“Now I’m giving you $250 and taking food down to the truckers every day. Thank you for continuing to fight for Canadians across this country,” she wrote.

“When a group of people first decided they were going to travel across the country to spread this message of solidarity, it seemed like a beacon of hope for small businesses like us, t’s no surprise that small businesses have been on the edge. Families are at risk of losing their livelihood. I’m a sucker for a grassroots cause and never in our wildest dreams did we anticipate what has transpired over the past couple of weeks and none of us anticipated what it turned into and we certainly don’t condone it.

“In retrospect it was bad judgment, but does that mean that people have a right to threaten our staff? Does it mean people have the right to threaten to throw bricks though our window and to threaten my family? We made a mistake. Who could have anticipated it?”

This is when Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar called out these journalists to do better.

She re-tweeted Alison Mah’s post.

Newsweek added:

Omar later sent a pair of tweets defending her original comments and offering further criticism of media coverage, writing: “I wish journalists wrote the articles they think they are writing.”

She added: “Sorry to say it, but your stories aren’t always balanced and often have a clear political bias. Calling it out isn’t harassment or journalist bashing. Everyone has a right to critique your story and it’s merits.”

Omar said she had “fully read the article multiple times.”

“I still don’t believe there was merit to the story as reported other than further harassment,” she wrote. “You all are entitled to your opinions, but my opinion remains the same. These kinds of stories ruin people’s lives and are uncalled for.”

It came to the point where haters can’t fight back against these Freedom Truckers, they had to fuss their supporters.

Sources: 100% FedUp, Newsweek

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