CAIR: Remove All Confederate Memorials, Flags, Street Names

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) called for the removal of all confederate memorials in a resolution they released early this week.

That’s right, CAIR, the group that is designated as a terrorist organization by the United Arab Emirates. The same group who throws banquets for Jihad, suicide bomber leaders. That group who is anti-law enforcement and accuses anyone who questions them of being an “Islamophobe.” I think you’re starting to pick up what I’m throwing out there…

CAIR remove confederate memorialsDaily Wire| Via statement on Thursday, CAIR condemned President Donald Trump for “dividing America … like the Confederacy”:

Mr. Trump should be reminded that he is president of the United States of America, not the Confederate States of America. It is truly troubling that any national leader, let alone the president, would call monuments honoring those who sought to destroy America and to uphold the abhorrent institution of slavery “beautiful.’” Like the Confederacy, President Trump and his adviser Steve Bannon seem to favor dividing America.

CAIR uses neo-Marxist terminology in its self-description, including “socio-economic justice” and unqualified “diversity” among its organizational objectives. It regularly uses the term “Islamophobia.”

CAIR also organizes voter registration drives to “increase Muslim participation in the political arena” while simultaneously advocating for increased entry of Muslims to the homeland via proposed changes to refugee and immigration policies.

Here’s an Idea, why don’t they go back to the Middle Eastern countries they came from and demolish any and all the statues there that they would like. Leave America and our history alone! Anyone who doesn’t watch the mainstream media and actually thinks for themselves can see that their number one goal is to take over America. Erasing our History is a great start and liberals are feeding right into it!

Who are they to come over here and start giving orders anyway?? CAIR is a dangerous group and should be outlawed. Islam is not a religion of peace…maybe us Christians should announce that we want all mosques removed from the United States. This is OUR country. And the idiots who want to erase HISTORY are the same ones who will end up repeating it.


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