Liberals just don’t get it. Despite the violent and war torn city of Chicago and it’s severely liberal laws that are causing the chaos, Democrats refuse to admit that they have done nothing but enable criminals and allow them to overrun law enforcement. It is out of control.

Below is chart that proves libs have no idea how to run a city; much less a country..

VIA| This exchange between Sean Connery and Kevin Costner’s characters (Jimmy Malone and Elliot Ness, respectively) comes immediately before Malone explaining to Ness “the Chicago way” in the 1987 film “The Untouchables.” Set in 1930’s Chicago, federal agent Ness is determined to put an end to rampant corruption that has besieged the city and sees bringing down its most notorious mobster, Al Capone, as the key to getting it done.

If re-written for contemporary times it could be that the key to stamping out rampant corruption in modern day Chicago might be to bring down the liberal Democrats who have monopolistic control of the city’s government.

Like New York City, Chicago is and has been run by liberal Democrats for decades. Of New York’s 51 city council seats all but three are held by Democrats. Not to be outdone, Chicago’s city council has 50 seats with but one Republican, forty nine Democrats.

But Chicago’s city government is known for much more than just its one-sidedness. From Mayor Richard J. Daley’s well known rackets of yesteryear to former U.S House Representative Jesse Jackson, Jr. (who just last year completed his prison sentence after having pleaded guilty to multiple federal charges including fraud, conspiracy, wire fraud, criminal forfeiture and more), the list of Democrats committing and getting caught committing fraud, taking bribes, running scams and other malfeasance while in office is very long.


And now the latest.

Last week a fifteen count indictment was handed down for Chicago Alderman Willie Cochran. Included in the allegations are charges of wire fraud, federal program bribery, extortion, and of soliciting a $3,000 bribe from a liquor store owner seeking to sell his store. Seems his buyer would need a liquor license (imagine that) in order to complete the sale and, well, guess where those come from.

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