It is hard to believe that there are people out there that think that Joe Biden, a man so old that when he was in school they didn’t have history class, is a good choice for PResident.

Think about it for a second, if he were to go the full eight years he would be nearly ninety years old.

Added to that, all of the things that he says when he makes a public statement makes you wonder if he even knows what year it is.

It is no doubt that President Donald Trump nicknamed the likely Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden “Sleepy Joe” for a reason. Democrats have been catching on to the lack of enthusiasm people have towards their 77-year-old candidate.

Trump’s Enthusiasm Base is Strong

President Trump has had the exceptional ability to garnish massive support and enthusiasm from his voters. Even before Biden clenched the Democratic top spot, Trump’s energy was a big worry for the Left-Wing Party.

Well, it appears the Democrats have solid ground to be concerned. In Tuesday’s two primaries, the results reflected badly on the former vice president, the Washington Examiner reported.

Biden’s Numbers Are Dropping Quick

In the state of New York, Biden secured only 67.4% of the vote – with Sen. Bernie Sanders taking 19.1% of the vote even though he dropped out almost 80 days ago. Even Sen. Elizabeth Warren managed to win 4.4% of the vote despite her dropping out in early March. In Kentucky, Biden’s numbers faltered even more on Tuesday night, with him only winning 57.2%.

There is good news for President Trump, though with him winning much more significant percentages than his rival. In Iowa, Trump won a staggering 97% of the vote, which ultimately broke a turnout record for an incumbent president in the history of the United States. His almost 130,000 votes in New Hampshire more than doubled the total votes former Presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush received during their reelection efforts. Trump conjured 1.9 million votes in Texas, which tripled the amount Obama collected in 2012.

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  1. Palladini

    Donald Trump will be relected and the DemocRats will cry over the fact they lost again. I can see if Pelosi of any of coconspitors get ellecte, they will try to impeach Trump on some phoney chage again


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