If you have ever seen one of those movies where there is a scene where everyone is playing cards and there is one person who keeps accidentally showing the other people at the table their cards, then you have seen Chuck Schumer.

Ah-Oh – It looks like Senate Minority Leader and President Trump critic, Senator Chuck Schumer, just outed one of Schifty Schiff’s whistleblowers.  In a tweet this morning the Senator may have outed Schiff’s witness “LTC Alexander Vindman” as one of the whistleblowers!

In a tweet Chuck Schumer just referred to “Alexander Vindman and whistleblowers like him“.  What a dummy.

Would Cryin’ Chuck refer to Vindman “and whistleblowers like him” if Vindman wasn’t a whistleblower?

How does Cryin’ Chuck know this?  We were told by Adam Schiff that the whistleblower’s identity was unknown?

Rising Serpent was quick to correct Cryin’ Chuck and point out that Vindman should be referred to as “Lt. Colonel whistleblower” and should be addressed with respect!

Vindman corrected Republican leader Devin Nunes and demanded he be referred to by his military rank during his testimony during the Schiff Show –

Nobody ever said Fake Tears Cryin’ Chuck Schumer was the sharpest tack in the box.

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  1. Lisa Hawks

    I hope this MF gets nailed to the wall…he is so smug and arrogant, I just want to bitch-slap him


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