This BRAZEN SAM’S CLUB Cashier Was Hiding A Horrible Secret For Months! Then Someone FINALLY CAUGHT HER IN THE ACT!

Sam’s is a pretty good place to go if you need certain things, like a sixteen gallon tub of mayo for a small family gathering or enough bottled water to fill a swimming pool.

Every day for several months, customers at a Missouri Sam’s Club came through Jalissa Brandon’s line, paying for their purchases and moving on, not realizing what she was hiding behind her register.

Her secret started shortly after she was hired. A couple of months later, someone saw it, but it was already too late.

Jalissa needed a job and was hired at the Maplewood Sam’s Club in September. She was given a good hourly rate and the opportunity for growth within the company.

However, it wasn’t just employment she was after. She had other plans in mind and took full advantage of the station she stood at during the course of her daily shift, not thinking that anyone would find out who she really was behind a seemingly innocent demeanor.

The cashier was seen on surveillance video acting strangely, messing around with her shoe, not knowing that anyone could see her.

This unusual habit continued for two months until security staff figured out what she was doing down there.


Members belonging to the store enjoyed the deep discounts on bulk items as well as the benefits from having a Sam’s Club card that also doubled as a Master Card credit card.

The 24-year-old saw the advantage of this and devised a way to supplement her hourly rate, racking up hundreds in extra funds that she pocketed with a sneaky scheme she created.

According to KTVI, the cashier stole customer’s credit cards using two alarmingly brazen techniques.

Jalissa is accused of charging the customer’s actual card for their purchase as normal, but instead of returning the card to them, she would either hand the shopper a fraudulent card she kept handy or intentionally “forget” to give them their card back, leaving the victim to believe that they simply lost it.

Security cameras in the store showed the cashier hiding the stolen card under the register, then later transferring it to her shoe, where she would walk out with it and go next door to Walmart for a shopping spree on a Sam’s Club customer’s dime.

Investigators know of three separate instances when Jalissa’s stole from innocent shoppers but are warning others in the area that if they used their card at that Sam’s Club between September 2015 and November 2015, they better check their bank statements to see if they were used in her scam.

The former employee faces multiple counts of stealing a credit card and fraud, and now she has a criminal record that will follow her for years and make it really difficult to get anther job, which it should.

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