One of the biggest laughs you will get out of anyone with sense is to tell them that Obama had a scandal free presidency.

It’s almost laughable to the point where someone with a weaker constitution might wet themselves publicly. If asked to write down all the Obama era scandals on a brand new legal pad with a brand new pencil, one of the two would run out first before you ran out of scandals.

However, like good little lap dogs the mainstream media tries to cover them up as much as humanly possible.

So one thing to remember here is the fact that CNN kept this video of Obama cover-up until the time they saw it would not damage anything…

Here is what happened:

Trump made some foolish comments that were demeaning to women in 2011. The comments were made off-camera, with a hot mic. A media firestorm erupted. Hillary Clinton and her campaign condemned the remarks. Self-righteous Republicans called for Trump to drop out of the race.

President Obama called Trump’s remarks, “repugnant.”

Trump apologized, and said, “I have never been perfect.”

It is curious that Hillary and Obama have not said one word about Bill Clinton’s indiscretions with women.

Even more curious, the vulgar video of President Barack Obama, and his dancing erection, emerged on the Internet.

Turns out, this video has existed since 2008, and CNN has been hiding it.

Think about this: NBC had the infamous Trump Tapes, and could have released them during the Primary Elections against Ted Cruz. Instead, they waited until Trump was running against Democrat Hillary Clinton.

CNN has done something even more despicable. They hid the video altogether to protect Obama, who, obviously, has survived two election cycles.


Who would have thought that Obama’s bizarre actions in this video would come back to haunt Hillary Clinton?

Unfortunately, for CNN, the issue has exposed them, as well.

This is fair reporting? Hiding a video that was originally shot THREE Presidential Elections ago?

CNN should be ashamed, as should Obama, the Clintons, and anyone else who condemned Trump for saying silly things.

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