Bill Gates has been spreading FEAR recently about the pandemic, this computer billionaire shifted from being a virus expert to a fortune-teller — he seemed to predict everything that was going to happen next…

And now, his recent prediction is that were will be facing a more worst pandemic in the near future.

This fearmonger globalist warned there is a ‘way above five percent’ risk the world has not yet seen the worst of the Covid pandemic.

He added that the risk of an ‘even more transmissive and even more fatal’ variant could be generated.

More details of this story from a Daily Mail report:

It is not the first time he has made such a prediction. In December 2021, he warned his millions of Twitter followers to brace themselves for the worst part of the pandemic having previously cautioned in 2015 that the world was not ready for the next pandemic.

Gates told the FT: ‘We’re still at risk of this pandemic generating a variant that would be even more transmissive and even more fatal.

‘It’s not likely, I don’t want to be a voice of doom and gloom, but it’s way above a 5 per cent risk that this pandemic, we haven’t even seen the worst of it.’

Covid-19 has killed an estimated 6.2million people worldwide since March 2020, but case numbers and deaths have been dropping in recent weeks.

Gates’ warning comes after Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, director-general of the World Health Organisation (WHO), this week warned that people still needed to be weary of the virus, and that decreases in overall testing and Covid surveillance in many countries left the world at risk to a resurgence of the virus.

Gates – who releases his new book How to Prevent the Next Pandemic on Tuesday – advised governments across the world to invest in a team of epidemiologists and computer modellers to help identify global health threats in the future.

WLT further commented:
Gates called the ‘pandemic prevention’ team GERM. Gates wants the World Health Organization to run GERM for a cost of around $1 billion per year.

He said the WHO’s current funding model was ‘not at all serious about pandemics’ and that less than ten people had been working full time on outbreak preparedness while also being distracted with other activities.

As Gates pushes for the WHO to run his ‘pandemic prevention’ team, the global health agency is plotting a coup to destroy nations’ sovereignty.

The WHO’s Pandemic Treaty would strip a country’s ability to create its own health policies during a crisis. It’s no surprise Gates wants the WHO to run his GERM project.

Gates’ comments come at the end of a week when daily Covid hospitalizations in the UK hit a two-month low and deaths plunged 40 percent in a week.

Sources: WLT, Daily Mail

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