Bill Clinton Excessively Promotes Islam, Claiming It Deeply Enriched The Country

Bill Clinton believes that the American Muslim invasion has ‘enriched’ America, seriously?

Bill Clinton

Thanks to the large influx of Muslim refugees and immigrants into America the crime rate and acts of terrorism occurring in our country are through the roof. America is also experiencing the strong push for the allowance of Sharia Law which includes legal dominance over women, that may explain why Clinton is such an avid supporter…

Via American News:

Muslims have been coming over to America to experience our culture, we have gained little from theirs.

In their home countries, there is persecution against women, religious differences, provocative art and music, how is it that droves of Muslims from such a restrictive and rigid culture, are coming to America to experience our culture based off freedom of expression, and we can make the claim that they are “enriching” our country and our culture, as if we needed an infusion of intolerance into our society.

As diverse as America is with the numerous different countries and cultures all being mixed together the honest fact is not all of them contribute anything positive to the country. Such is with Islam, please name one thing that the religion of Islam has done to improve America? Anyone, anybody at all?