Imagine for a moment, you are a ten-year-old child. You are given the power to have anything you want just because you want it. That’s the only qualification.

You go absolutely nuts at the toy store, you buy all the video games that you want. You go to every fast food place you can imagine. It’s great, almost a perfect life right?

There’s just one little problem, you didn’t factor on the notion that your parents still have to pay for all of it. That being said, how long do you think you will get into your spending spree until your parents just run out of money?

Biden, as of right now, is that ten-year-old child.

Under the rule of Imperial Leader Biden, the interests of America will come dead last on the world stage. The blitzkrieg of executive orders will continue and only get worse as socialist progressives erase the borders, eliminate fossil fuels, murder babies, and lock everyone down in quarantine.

In the United States, an outdated and debunked document called the Constitution used to limit federal government to make it accountable to We the People.

Then the globalist New World Order installed Joe Biden as governor of North Central America and the Constitution was shredded for toilet paper.

Under the old way of doing things, Congress would make the laws and the executive branch would be in charge of enforcing them. It doesn’t work that way these days.

It’s been clear to anyone who cares to look that the legislative branch sold America out to the open borders globalists long ago while removing all power of the administrative branch to enforce any of the laws which “the powers that be” don’t want enforced. To bureaucrats, “too much power is never enough.”

Now that all the “nationalist” nonsense is over, Imperial Leader Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr. is proving he’s a typical bureaucrat. He’s been using his pen so fast that even Barack Obama is impressed.

Biden started cranking out a blitzkrieg of executive orders as fast as he could pull them off the stack, as soon as he sat down in the Oval Office. It was only the beginning. He will make America into Venezuela in no time.

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