There are some government positions where someone can end up serving through several different presidents. These nearly lifetime appointments can come with a lot of power and a lot of sway with their own depravities.

This does mean sometimes that the agenda of a political party can be served during their time at the position. Now, that’s not to say that turnover in between Presidents is not expected. Hell, it would be a miracle if there were no major changes in top positions between administrations.

The problem with Joe Biden is that he wants to get rid of everyone that was a Trump supporter. If you worked in the government and you were a Trump supporter don’t be surprised if you come to work one day with a box to clean your desk out with.

The Biden administration will reportedly start removing U.S. attorneys this week that were confirmed by the Senate during the Trump administration. The Deep State continues its war against the America First agenda.

“The resignation request is expected to apply to 56 Senate-confirmed US attorneys appointed by Trump,” CNN reported. “Justice officials have scheduled a call with US attorneys around the country to discuss a transition that is expected to take weeks. The Justice official didn’t say when the resignations would take effect.”

Acting Attorney General Monty Wilkinson reportedly asked Delaware U.S. Attorney David Weiss to remain in his role during a call on Monday night. Weiss is overseeing a federal criminal investigation into the business dealings of Biden’s son, Hunter Biden.

CNN noted that Wilkinson will also not touch Special Counsel John Durham’s criminal investigation into the origins of the Russia probe, but he is expected to resign from his role as U.S. attorney in Connecticut. In December, Fox News reported that Durham was continuing to expand his criminal investigation, which began before the pandemic.

Fox News anchor Bret Baier tweeted, “US Attorney John Durham, who AG Bill Barr tapped to investigate the origins of the Trump Russia probe, is expanding his team by adding additional prosecutors, and is making, ‘excellent progress,’ according to a federal law enforcement official familiar w/ the situation.”

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