You can often tell a lot about people by who they let into their home on an emergency or short notice.

One, when traveling between Pennsylvania and Florida, I had a relative that lives in the Carolinas that always told me that if I wanted to drop in for a visit while I am traveling to give a call. Once, I almost was going to do it but was terribly behind on schedule.

I called them the next day to tell them and that I was sorry I couldn’t stop by. They then told me that they wouldn’t have been able to have anyone stay the night for some ridiculous reason and that I probably would have had to stay at a hotel down the road…

25,000 troops were abused by Democrats and establishment Republicans when they were ordered to be used as a dictatorial occupying force in Washington D.C. for the dismal Banana Republic Biden inauguration ceremony.  This was intended as a dark show of force because these despots live in fear of the entire US population that knows they stole the election.

When the troops were no longer needed, they were discarded like used trash by our banana republic politicians in Washington.  They used them for a photo op and then corralled them like livestock into a parking garage.  The garage had “no internet reception, a single electrical outlet and only two bathroom stalls.”


Soldiers forced to sleep in parking garage after being kicked out of the Capitol building on a whim by Democrats

Some conservatives, like Madison Cawthorn, stepped up to support our military in response to this treatment.

However, once again, it is President Donald Trump who is showing how to truly lead in a big way and earn respect by opening his opulent 5-star hotel to the troops in Washington DC for free.  The hotel claims to be the only Forbes 5-star hotel in Washington DC on its website.

The Gateway Pundit reports:

“This morning OANN reported that President Trump gave permission for the troops to stay at his lavish Trump Hotel in Washington DC.

Trump loves the troops.

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