Biden Staffers Are Fleeing Like The White House Is On Fire…

Biden administration together with the Democrats portrays themselves as what they called “progressives who value diversity” not only in America but also in the White House. However, it appears to be that many black personnel are quitting before he has even completed two years in office.

The resignations are so prominent that there has been a term coined specifically for them: Blaxit.

According to Politico, the White House is currently experiencing a “Blaxit” crisis, with a large number of Black aides and staffers leaving the Biden administration.

Since late last year, about 21 Black staffers have left the White House, citing a poisonous work atmosphere and a lack of potential for promotion.

Here’s what a black White House employee told Politico:

“They brought in a ton of Black people generally to start without ever establishing an infrastructure to retain them or help them be successful. If there is no clear infrastructure of how to be successful, you become just as invisible in this space than you would be if you were not in it.”

The first major departure occurred in December 2021, when Symone Sanders, Vice President Kamala Harris’ senior adviser, and chief spokesman, announced her departure. She eventually moved on to become an MSNBC journalist.

Tina Flournoy, Ashley Etienne, and Vincent Evans, all senior staffers to Harris, have all left. Natalie Austin, a press assistant, and National Economic Council aides Joelle Gamble and Connor Maxwell, among others, have also left the White House.

“We’re here and we’re doing a lot of work but we’re not decision-makers and there’s no real path towards becoming decision-makers,” one staffer who is still in the White House told the US newspaper, noting that there was no feedback nor a clear path toward promotions.

The reasons vary, and they include low pay, which leads various minority staffers to drop their posts, especially as they live in one of the most expensive cities in the United States. “The pay in the White House is not traditionally very good, and a lot of Black folks in these roles do not come from wealthy families,” the employee added.

The White House has an entry-level pay of $48,000, with 74 employees earning $150,000 or more in 2021 and 41 employees earning nothing at all. The average salary for paid White House staff members was around $95,000.

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