Conservatives may not always agree with each other on what to have for lunch, but at the very least we can agree that we need to eat. When liberals get the question of what they are going to have to eat, more than likely they will end up cannibalizing each other.

You see it happen so often with them. Look at all the mess that went on in 2016 during the election. It was outright sickening. They were selling each other out so fast you would think that they were a Sears having a going out of business sale.

Joe Biden is no different. He’s another one of those types that will be the first to cut to the front of the line of people talking about how Donald Trump isn’t Presidential. Well let me ask you this Joe, how much Windex do you buy each week to clean that glass house you live in?

Biden isn’t as squeaky clean as people make him out to be. While he may not have as many skeletons falling out of his closet as John McCain, he’s definitely as creepy as the day is long.

Never mind watching my children for an evening, I wouldn’t let him watch my children on television. Unhealthy obsession anyone?

Other than that, when he gets on his “not presidential” kick he needs to realize that we’ve got video to prove that he isn’t exactly presidential either. And what the hell does that mean anyway, he acts like everyone that runs the free world is supposed to be some pious monk that self flagellates the instant they have a thought that would otherwise bring about feelings of anger.

In short, Joe Biden is a true symbol of the Democratic Party….a pure jackass.

In an interview with PBS host Judy Woodruff, former Vice President Joe Biden talked about how he could beat up former DNC chairman Howard Dean. This isn’t the first time he has said something like this.

During the 2016 election he claimed he would “could take [Donald Trump] behind the gym.”

Woodruff asked Biden about the possibility of him running for President in 2020, and questioned his age.

She quoted Howard Dean. “I’m very much for somebody who’s younger. I think my generation has got to get the hell out of politics. Start coaching and start moving up this next generation who I think are more fiscally sane,” said Dean.

She started by asking him if age will be a factor. “Sure … It’s a totally legitimate factor,” said Biden.
“Howard Dean said this morning … the old people in the party need to, quote, get the hell out of the way,” said Woodruff.

“Well, tell Howard I can take him physically, OK?” Biden laughed. Of course, if Trump said something like this it would be in the news for days.

 “Look, it would be a totally legitimate thing for people to say, ‘Let’s look at Biden. He would be the oldest guy to ever be president. See what kind of shape he’s in. Mentally, physically and the rest.’ And it may be that I’ve developed some problem, and I’m not capable of doing that,” said Biden. Check out the video below.