Bette Midler: Don’t Send Federal Relief To Texas Because It’s A Red State

Actor, singer, and widely known liberal lunatic Bette Midler is a political activist, or so she thinks. She delivered a very controversial tweet in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. She said that Texans shouldn’t receive federal aid because they aren’t fond of Washington DC.

You would think that people would have learned from the cartoonist Matt Wuerker from Politico, who last week mocked Hurricane Harvey victims as racist rednecks and religious bumpkins in an offensive cartoon.

Apparently, Midler thought she was above the fray because she was famous at some point in her life.

In The New York Times article to which Midler linked, journalist Richard Fausset wrote.

“For Republicans, who dominate Texas government, the anti-Washington sentiment is more than just a red-meat rhetorical flourish — it is a guiding principle. […]

Now, though, it is Texas Republicans who will be crucial in securing, and helping to coordinate, what is likely to be one of the most ambitious and costly federal disaster-relief packages in American history, one that will almost certainly run to tens of billions of dollars.”

There in no doubt that the Republican led Congress is going to give aid to the state, but Fausset said it was because Texas is a red state. Never mind the fact that Texas has some of the largest blue areas in the US like Houston, Dallas, and nearly every county on the southern border. To call this hypocrisy is asinine. There are few doubts that a Republican-dominated Congress will end up delivering aid to a battered state and key base of Republican power.

In addition, as one Twitter user actually made sure that Bette Midler knew that the hardest hit portion of Texas, Houston and Harris County is one of the most liberal areas in Texas.

I guess Midler isn’t the intelligent woman she thinks she is.

What do you think of this?