Are Sick Liberals Plotting To Kill Elon Musk?

You never know what Elon Musk is going to do next.

This very idea makes liberals melt down on Twitter over the realization that they’ve lost the power to control and suppress everyone else’s speech on the social media platform.

Twitter before Musk seemed to adopt the position that some speech not aligned to their political narrative is not just inappropriate – but immoral, dangerous and evil.

Now that Musk has finally taken over Twitter and promises to uphold FREE SPEECH which leftists really hate, in retaliation, these liberals are literally threatening to kill Musk with a chainsaw.

Well, here are the Tweets from left-wing liberals literally calling for violence — worse than that, calling to KILL Elon Musk. We start, of course, with someone who has the Ukraine Flag in their name (because of course they do):

And here’s a bunch more:

Here’s a zoom in on a collage of “Kill Elon” Tweets:

Twitter is and has long been the meanest, ugliest, and least fun of all social media platforms. It became a space utilized by trolls to harass, virtue-signal, and vent their anger.

That was before Elon Musk buy Twitter… Right now, we are hoping that with Musk’s management, the platform will not have a selective political affiliation and should uphold FREE SPEECH to all.

Source: WLT