WD-40 is a household staple and many of us rely on it for a number of different tasks. Whether you are trying to get a lock to stop sticking, fix a bike chain that has gone rogue, or provide water resistant lubricant wherever necessary, WD-40 is certainly a versatile item and a must have in any house.

But what most people are not aware of is WD-40’s usefulness as a means of cleaning the home, as well as fixing items that need lubrication. There are four different uses for WD-40 displayed in this helpful clip and all of these common household problems are easily eradicated by dousing them with the aforementioned product.

YouTube user Porch has decided to compile these usages and share them with the world, so that we can all enjoy these WD-40 hacks. Without further ado, here are four problems that can easily be eradicated with the use of WD-40.

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