On Wednesday, a man heckled at mouth breather Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) and called her his “favorite big-booty Latina” while filming her walk up the Capitol steps.

However, AOC is not happy with the compliment, so she turned her anger to the U.S. Capitol Police trashing the Police for not stopping the heckler wherein in the first place she poses for a selfie.

AOC railed against police in comments made to a reporter, expressing terror that officers who worked the January 6th riot may have sympathized with the rioters and accused the cops of opening doors for the rioters.

Ocasio-Cortez can be seen in the video clip starting to head toward the man, but an aide sticks out an arm to urge her back. She then poses for a quick selfie with the man, flashing a “peace sign” before she continues up the steps.

Hypocrite AOC has some epic meltdown in her late reaction video later Wednesday evening. 

AOC posted about the incident after deleting her initial false account:

“I posted about a deeply disgusting incident that happened today on the Capitol steps, but took it down bc it’s clearly someone seeking extremist fame. It’s just a bummer to work in an institution that openly allowed this, but talking about it only invites more. Just really sad…Here is a video he posted of the incident. I was actually walking over to deck him because if no one will protect us then I’ll do it myself but I needed to catch a vote more than a case today”

Mouth breather AOC at first accused the man, comedian Alex Stein, of swearing at her and then deleted the tweet.

AOC  spoke to Latino Rebels reporter Pablo Manríquez, [email protected] tells me she’s never felt safe in the Capitol, citing reports of police and members of Congress working with insurrectionists on January 6th. Here’s the video:”

Ocasio-Cortez added, “Remember how there was tons of footage and evidence of officers & others inside on 1/6 supporting insurrectionists, but then everyone decided it was too politically risky to investigate thoroughly so they brushed under the rug and now we still have no idea who or what is safe?”

Later Wednesday Ocasio-Cortez streamed herself talking about the heckling incident and railed against police again.

Former NYPD detective Rob O’Donnell posted clips, “In tonights @AOC instagram rant she labeled this “Sexually threatening aggressive behavior”, mind you if he was such a threat why did you approach him? Also wanted the Capitol Officer to intervene when no law was violated. Laws are for the surfs I guess.”

More from O’Donnell, “Did @AOC just give credible evidence for the defense of every defendant charged with trespassing on January 6th that they were in fact let in?”

Ocasio-Cortez blocked Stein on Twitter Wednesday night, doing online what the Constitution forbids her from doing in real life but what she so desperately wants the federal government to do to those who mock her.

Source: TheGatewayPundit

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